What is the best exercise
to lose weight?

Choosing the best exercise to lose weight depends on your individual needs.  With an entire area of science dedicated to the art of fitness and movement it is also big business with many companies declaring their products to be ‘the best’.

They manage to sell millions of dvds, gadgets, programs and machinery every year claiming to rid you of that unwanted extra weight.  However, soon after opening your new fancy machine it is common for most people to become bored and lose interest.  

That is why these machines were made
to roll under the bed!

The good news is that the best exercise to lose weight is pretty much anything that gets you off the couch and moving.  Radical I know but moving your butt up and down stairs, walking around the block, doing squats and lunges in front of your TV are still the cheapest and most convenient option for people everywhere. 

It used to be said the harder, faster, longer and more often the exercise the better.  However, after recent scientific studies there has been a shift in that thinking.  But again 'any' movement is better than a sedentary life - and it definitely need not cost a cent.  Incorporate it into your day to day activities such as climbing stairs at work, parking further away from the shops, gardening and housework.  This takes little time, costs nothing and you don’t even know you are doing it.  

The best exercise to lose weight is one that
gets you moving. Companionship, music
and laughter will boost your workouts.

The key is to find a workout that you enjoy. Better still find several options you like and mix it up.  This is due to muscle memory – if you repeatedly work the same muscles in the same way, the body gets used to it and therefore does not need to work as hard, slowing down weight loss and toning.

A sports physiologist may be able to tell you specifically the all-time best routine to drop kilos.  They could describe the immediate benefits you can expect to experience, how many calories you will burn and the long term positive effects.  But the bottom line is if you don’t enjoy it, you will stop doing it.  Or at the very least you won’t do it well for any sustained period or with any regular frequency.

to a regular fitness routine is crucial when focusing on weight loss and the many health benefits gained from sustained exercise.  Exercise can generally be divided into two areas; aerobic and anaerobic, and these very different types of movement have equally different impacts upon our weight and physique.

Aerobic exercise is commonly called ‘cardio’ or cardiopulmonary exercise, and as the name suggests the heart and lungs are called upon to work harder. Common examples of aerobic exercise include playing team sports, tennis, walking, biking, jogging, swimming, rowing, kickboxing, aerobic classes and elliptical training – to name but a few.  Simply put, aerobic exercise improves your fitness level.

Anaerobic exercise is essential to the development and toning of muscle.  This involves resistance or strength training such as lifting weights, lunges, squats, and press ups etc.  Both types of activity aid weight loss and should feature together in any balanced program.  Remember the more muscle you have the more your body is able to burn fat.

You can still lose weight simply by dieting alone.  However exercise will help to improve muscle and skin tone, increase energy levels, improve general well-being and in many cases boost your metabolism, assisting rapid weight loss. 

Tip: Add protein to each meal and drink
plenty of water throughout the day

Regular exercise also increases insulin sensitivity and is also extremely effective at preventing many chronic diseases as well as relieving stress and improving mood – vital to those suffering depression.

How do 'you' determine the best
exercise to lose weight?

Finding the best exercise to lose weight for you means working within your limitations.  High impact training may not be suitable for everyone for a variety of reasons. If you like to walk, mix up your routine to include some hills and add hand weights.  Build up your capacity gradually to avoid injury and loss of interest.  And as mentioned earlier, don’t dismiss regular activities as a great way to add exercise i.e., mowing the lawn, dancing with the kids or taking the stairs, all adding to your fitness bank balance.

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