Weight Gain Diet Plan
Nothing is off limits so think of your future

A Weight Gain Diet Plan is simple really – no food groups are out of bounds however make sure your choices are rich in vitamins and minerals – and not empty calories - to improve your overall health.


·         Oatmeal porridge with whole milk and honey

·         Toasted croissant with smoked salmon, Spanish onion, capers and cream cheese

·         Three cheese omelette with fresh herbs

·         Banana smoothie with protein powder and vanilla; wholegrain toast with peanut butter

·         Fresh fruit yogurt with toasted muesli

·         Breakfast sausage & hash browns

·         Crumpets with butter and Jam

Don’t shy away from butter and cheeses. Recent research has supported the health benefits of whole milk products over their skim counterparts. Animal fats too should be eaten in moderation as part of a healthy weight gain diet plan.


·         Toasted ham and Swiss cheese sandwiches with fresh tomato and cracked pepper

·         Chicken, cheese and avocado wraps with egg mayonnaise

·         Fettuccini with basil pesto and parmesan cheese

·         Baked potato stuffed with tinned salmon, butter, chives and cheese

·         Nachos with refried beans, salsa, avocado, cheese and sour cream

·         Open toasted multigrain bagel with creamed corn

·         Hamburger with grilled pumpkin and eggplant

When constructing a weight gain diet plan, remember the value of liquid calories. Fruit juices in particular are a great source of fructose that the body stores readily as fat without the presence of fibre.


·         Protein bars

·         Wholegrain toast with macadamia, cashew or peanut butter

·         Whole milk milkshake

·         Baked pretzels

·         Fruit muffins with butter

·         Bananas

·         Cheese and crackers with olive oil based dips

If you have trouble remembering to eat or can’t stand the thought of large meals try snacking throughout the day instead of sitting down for big meals.


·         Grilled steak with a chive and mushroom cream sauce and buttery mashed potatoes, honeyed
        carrots and steamed greens

·         Creamy Bacon Carbonara with baby spinach and cracked pepper

·         Pumpkin soup with garlic Turkish bread

·         Roast pork belly with crackling and baked vegetables

·         Fried skin on salmon portions with pasta salad

·         Satay chicken in coconut milk with brown rice and green beans

·         Curried sausages with sour cream and rice

A simple salad dressing can contain significant calories and has been the down fall of many dieters. Try olive oil, crushed garlic, white wine and lemon juice for a healthy homemade dressing.

For a wider explanation of a Weight Gain Diet, click here.


·         Dark chocolate self-saucing pudding

·         Chocolate dipped strawberries with fresh cream

·         Lemon meringue pie with a shortcrust base and fresh cream

·         Passionfruit cheesecake

·         Walnut, date and banana muffins with caramel sauce

·         Bread and butter pudding

·         Fresh fruit trifle with homemade custard

Dark chocolate is a nutrient and antioxidant packed food that is well worth the calories. Also select double thick cream without added sugar to add valuable calories and nutrients.

Oh and don’t forget bread. Bread has been a staple for those on a tight budget; a great tummy filler – just ask any large family.

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