Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet Plan

A vegetarian weight loss diet plan is based on the more accessible and practical lacto ovo vegetarian guidelines.


  • Poached eggs on wholemeal toast with a glass of fresh orange juice
  • Grilled mushrooms, tomato, spinach & zucchini on toast with fresh parsley
  • Banana pancakes
  • Fresh fruit salad with fat free yoghurt
  • Scrambled eggs with cracked black pepper parsley & roasted cherry tomatoes
  • Spinach and fetta Quiche with pine nuts
  • Fresh muesli with sliced banana, honey and extra almonds

Selecting a vegetarian weight loss diet plan is an effective and popular option, however remember it’s just as important to reduce processed foods. Ice cream may theoretically fit the guidelines but will not assist the cause.


  • Fresh fruit smoothies
  • Banana and oatmeal bread with sultanas, flaxseed & walnuts
  • Homemade muesli bars with pepitas, sunflower seeds, coconut and sultanas
  • Spicy bhuja mix with extra nuts
  • Unlimited fresh fruit
  • Sundried fruit (mango, banana, pineapple)
  • Toasted (oven baked) almonds

Head east.  India and Asia are the ‘heartland’ of vegetarian cuisine so if it is flavoursome inspiration you seek then here you shall find it.


  • Felafel and tabouli wraps with fresh hummus
  • Roast, capsicum, eggplant & pumpkin stacks with pesto layers and fresh spinach
  • Curried egg  multigrain sandwiches with a pineapple, ginger, orange, kale & mint juice
  • Silverbeet and mushroom pie
  • Sweet chili tofu burgers
  • Blackbean tacos with roasted peppers
  • Camembert Caprese Grilled-Cheese Sandwiches on sourdough rye with fresh basil

Grinding flaxseed and adding it to smoothies, hot cereal, yogurt, or baked items such as veggie lasagne, bread, and muffins is an excellent way of boosting your nutrient (but not calorie) intake. 

If you haven't already, please visit our Vegetarian diet plan page for a wider explanation.


  • Stir fry vegetables with egg noodles and cashews
  • pan fried gnocchi with mushrooms and sage
  • Traditional red lentil and spinach Dhal
  • Tofu pad thai
  • Vegetable lasagne with five bean and black rice salad
  • Spicy Mexican bean pot with red rice
  • Indian eggplant and potato curry

Baking or making a full dessert is not an every night occurrence; however don’t miss the opportunity to showcase delicious fruits as the perfect ending to a wholesome meal.


  • Creamy cinnamon rice pudding
  • Wholesome sticky date pudding
  • Apple and almond tartlets
  • Cherry cheesecake
  • Coconut rice with mangoes
  • Baked apples with cinnamon mascarpone
  • Mixed berry crumble 

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