South Beach Diet Meal Plans

South Beach Diet meal plans: A key to making healthy nutritious choices is to understand what nutrients are in the foods you consume which can often help you balance daily meal plans.


  • Whole wheat English muffin with a poached egg, Swiss cheese and trimmed bacon rashers
  • Oatmeal with raisins and Greek yoghurt
  • Apple slices with Almond butter
  • Breakfast burrito with black beans and roasted peppers
  • Tomato and leek frittata
  • Asparagus omelette with goat’s cheese


Cooking should be enjoyable, if concerned with your level of skills in the kitchen perhaps attend a class or catch up on some cooking shows to boost your confidence and add some inspiration.

  • Chicken and avocado salad with toasted pine nuts
  • Creamy broccoli soup
  • Beef and red bean chili pots
  • Grilled tomato and feta cheese tortilla pizzas
  • Marinated steak wraps
  • Salmon and spinach omelette
  • Lean mince burger with honey mustard dressing


It’s widely noted that keeping a weight loss journal can be a powerful motivator, particularly if you document everything you eat.  

  • Seeds such as sunflower or pepitas
  • Whole-wheat or whole-grain crackers
  • Apple slices with Greek yogurt
  • Toasted pita bread and hummus
  • Sliced veggies including carrots, celery & capsicums
  • Air popped pop corn
  • Kale chips

If you haven’t already please visit our South Beach Diet page for a wider explanation.


When planning a night out have a snack before you leave to reduce the amount you eat at dinner and try sharing a dessert. Don’t be afraid to ask for dressings or sauces to be served on the side or left off altogether. 

·         Tomato and basil spiced mussels with a side of sweet potato chips

·         Ginger chicken and snow pea salad

·         Grilled chicken fajitas

·         Oven fried chicken with almond crust and cauliflower mash

·         Whole wheat penne with eggplant, basil, ricotta and tomato

·         Garlic and soy grilled steaks with char grilled vegetables

·         Fried marinated tofu with Asian greens and cashews


Reward yourself by putting extra effort into the presentation of a dessert to help savour and celebrate the experience rather than have guilt ridden sneaky episodes in the pantry.

  • Chocolate meringue kisses
  • Ricotta cheesecake with passionfruit and mango
  • Baked pears with chocolate sauce and pomegranate seeds
  • Blueberry cobbler
  • Flourless chocolate orange torte
  • Espresso custard
  • South beach diet tiramisu

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