Rapid Weight Loss Diet
Get the skinny on this controversial option

A rapid weight loss diet is very fashionable today. Healthy nutrition, exercise and weight loss should really go hand in hand, however in today’s fast paced society there seems to be an urgent drive to generate immediate results particularly when it comes to weight loss.

We have all heard the proclamations fast weight loss diets promise - to shift those stubborn kilos in record time. Fast food, fast diets and fast exercise programs (well I’ve never heard of the six month squat challenge have you?)

With so many men and women unhappy with their appearance weight loss has translated into BIG, BIG business. There are miracle foods, foods for a flat tummy, secret synthetic hormones, injections, pills, powdered meals, meal replacement shakes and a plethora of diet plans all guaranteeing to generate fast fat blasting results as earnestly implored by a tight, trim and terrific spokesperson displaying truly amazing before and after shots. 

With so many rapid weight loss programs
available, are they actually a viable option?

Is a rapid course of action really the healthiest
and easiest way to generate lasting results
and manage weight?

Unfortunately many of these ‘secret’ diet plans once paid for will reveal their secret to be none other than increased energy expenditure and decreased calorie input, basically more energy out than in…but they do come with cute accessories and importantly a rigid plan!  In some cases this motivation may be exactly what is required to kick start a weight loss journey and finally alter years of routine bad behaviours and habits.

Many of the meal replacement shakes and liquids available are intended to fill up the stomach and prevent overeating by physically suppressing the appetite. Their action also doubles as it eliminates many problem foods from the diet such as sugar and processed foods. Closely examine any fad diet or program and you will often find it is what is omitted that is far more important with regard to weight loss than actually what is included.

But hey, fad or not, if it works why not use it to kick start
a healthier, more long-term alternative

A rapid weight loss diet usually involves the bare minimum required to sustain the body, subsequently weight is lost and often quite quickly although in some cases this is actually ‘water weight’ and lean muscle tissue that is reduced, which ultimately is not a good thing.  After all, muscle helps burn fat and keeps your body strong and toned.

Click here for a sample of a rapid weight loss diet plan.

If weight gain over time is the result of over-eating, poor nutritional and lifestyle decisions, then surely the reverse must be true too. Healthy weight loss occurs when we choose our nutrition carefully especially when combined with adequate amounts of water, sleep, stress moderation and importantly exercise.

However, there may be a time and a place for trying a rapid weight loss diet or program. As a motivator they can be incredibly valuable.  Everybody likes to see results and the support networks associated with many programs are invaluable.

Select carefully though, many rapid weight loss diets are designed for short periods of time and this restriction should not be abused.

Seek medical advice before purchasing any weight loss
program and remember without continued lifestyle
changes the weight will return quickly

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