Paleo Diet Plan
This will win you over

The Paleo Diet Plan is a very balanced, healthy option that appeals to the human body naturally.  In other words, it is believed we were meant to eat this way as opposed to the highly processed diets we have become accustomed to.


·         Poached eggs on a bed of baby spinach with grilled mushrooms

·         Tomato and herb omelette

·         Diced Steak and mushrooms with eggplant

·         Bacon based mini quiches

·         Paleo approved muesli and dried fruits

·         Pineapple, mango and blueberry smoothie with almond milk

·         Fruit salad with toasted coconut pieces

Nuts and seeds such as sunflower seeds, pepitas, sesame seeds, almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts can either be eaten whole or ground to a powder or paste, just be aware of how calorie dense some nuts can be if trying to actively lose weight.


·         Garlic, basil and tomato stuffed mushrooms

·         Diced chicken and avocado salsa with tomato, capsicum and flat leaf parsley

·         Fresh oysters with sea salt

·         Braised sea scallops with lemongrass and chili

·         Rabbit stew with baby carrots and turnips

·         Fresh smoked mussels 

·         Chicken skewers with fresh pineapple and capsicum

Find your nearest farmers market, butcher and wholesale seafood outlet to try and cut costs. True paleo products are not only fresh, wild and organic but also sustainable.


·         Sweet chilli crab

·         Boiled eggs

·         Any fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables

·         Beef jerky

·         Nuts and dried fruits such as banana, mango and pawpaw

·         Fresh cooked prawns

·         Fish cakes and dipping sauce


Once you get your head around the list of many non-paleo items meal planning is a little easier. The reasoning behind these exclusions is quite complicated and the decision to adhere to a strict paleo diet plan or a more relaxed version is entirely personal. Exclusions such as snow-peas, sprouts, honey and green beans are a little too extreme for some.

·         Chicken salad with bacon, pumpkin and roast pumpkin

·         Thai fishcakes with a warm Thai salad

·         Green curried chicken with okra

·         Paleo seafood paella

·         Roast Beef with steamed greens and roast yams

·         Grilled lamb with stuffed mushrooms

·         Garlic prawns with coconut and lemon sauce

A popular diet also means there is a wealth of information and recipe ideas available online, the Paleo diet can be adapted any way you like to suit your specific nutritional, ethical and ideological values.


·         Coconut crumbed banana with coconut cream

·         Chocolate almond milk with fresh dates

·         Paleo apple and cinnamon cookies with almond meal

·         Tropical fruit salad with passionfruit and mango nectar

·         Coconut ice-cream with fried banana

Perhaps the best aspect of a Paleo diet plan is the restrictions on sugar and processed foods. Weight regulation is but one of the many positive health benefits to be achieved with a healthier and leaner diet such as this. Regular exercise is also an important aspect of this diet though - food with legs or fins was intended to be chased!

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