Low Glycemic Diet Plan
A 'clean' eating lifestyle

A low glycemic diet plan is a great choice for a clean eating lifestyle.  When it comes to milk check the glycemic index (GI) carefully.  This index can sometimes be deceptive in that things you know are healthy may not necessarily have a low GI.

Brown rice is an excellent example, as is rice milk at around 85, while Soy milk has a rank of around 40 (anything under 55 is considered low). Cow’s milk has the lowest which decreases with fat content, however skim milk does not contain as many vital nutrients as whole milk and is therefore not always the best option. 


  • Fresh muesli with whole milk, extra almond flakes (hold the raisins!)  
  • Poached eggs with wholegrain toast
  • Oat porridge with cinnamon and seasonal berries
  • All bran cereal
  • Smoked chicken frittata with sweet potato and spinach
  • Fried mushrooms and cherry tomatoes with a breakfast sausage and poached egg
  • Pastry free bacon quiches with haloumi 


You will eventually discover there are no GI values listed for meat, poultry, fish, avocados, salad vegetables, cheese, or eggs because these foods contain little or no carbohydrates. According to the researchers, even in large amounts, these foods when eaten alone are not likely to induce a significant rise in blood glucose.

  • Basil pesto pasta
  • Smoked salmon, alfalfa, avocado and tomato on wholegrain bread with cracked black pepper
  • Chicken and chickpea tabouli salad
  • Avocado and four bean pasta salad
  • ‘Lamburgers’ spiced lamb mince patty on a sourdough roll with fresh salad
  • Macaroni and vegetable frittatas with sweet potato and roast leek
  • Pita bread wraps with cold dukkah lamb, cucumber, tomato and lettuce 


Remember to avoid liquid carbs because any sweetened beverages are generally high on the GI scale including cordials and soft drinks.  Juices should also be limited.  Decaffeinated coffee is recommended too as caffeine triggers insulin production which lowers your blood sugar levels making you feel hungry fast.  If in doubt, stick to regular tea or a glass of water or milk.

  • Low fat yoghurt and any seasonal fresh fruit
  • Avocado dip with corn chips
  • Dried apricots, apples & dates
  • Popcorn (low salt and butter)
  • Spicy chickpeas
  • Roast sweet potato chips with rosemary, sage and cracked sea salt
  • Banana, walnut and sultana bread with ground flaxseeds


Most vegetables are low GI with the exception of green beans, potatoes, turnips, carrots, pumpkin, broad beans, and parsnips… so go easy on the winter vegetable stew! 

  • Slow roasted rosemary and garlic Lamb with kumara mash and steamed broccolini.
  • Lean Beef lasagne with fresh oregano and Greek side salad
  • Smoked ocean trout and dill pasta
  • Creamy tuna pasta bake
  • Angel hair Spaghetti with pesto, roast zucchini, cherry tomatoes, garlic and smoked chicken
  • Grilled steak with new potatoes, steamed cauliflower & broccoli florets and fried mushrooms with garlic
  • Seafood Marinara with squid ink pasta

If you haven’t already, please visit our
low glycemic index diet page for a wider explanation.


A low glycemic diet plan is not typically calorie restrictive.  It’s essentially about enjoying good food in moderation and this includes great desserts…in moderation of course.

  • Banana bread and butter pudding
  • Rhubarb, apple and strawberry crumble
  • Fig and orange syrup pistachio cake
  • Apple and ricotta tart
  • Low-fat strawberry mousse
  • Orange passionfruit custards
  • Roasted cinnamon pears

When following a low Glycemic diet plan no additional supplements are generally required if a healthy balanced selection of foods are included, making this an incredibly cost effective diet to follow.

Thank you for reading my low glycemic diet plan.  If you haven’t already, please visit the home page for more about this site.

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