Lose Belly Fat Diet
Visceral fat is lethal!

This Lose Belly Fat Diet isn’t an actual diet but you can lose belly fat by making healthy diet choices.

Are pears really healthier than apples? Well when it comes to body shapes this is certainly the case.  Not only does carrying extra belly fat look bad, those that fall into the ‘apple’ body shape are seriously risking their health.

Visceral fat naturally cushions the internal organs in the abdomen, but too much can increase your risk of developing many serious conditions including high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and certain cancers, including breast cancer and colon cancer.  This is why abdominal fat or belly fat is far more of a concern than that which is stored on the thighs, buttocks or hips, otherwise known as subcutaneous fat – the typical ‘pear’ body shape.

The idea behind the flat belly diet is to cut out foods that encourage the body to store fat - including alcohol, sugar and processed foods. It is important to note too that stress and poor or inadequate sleep will encourage the body to store more belly fat.

According to evolution, our bodies are still anticipating the next famine with eager fat storing enthusiasm. In order to encourage our bodies to part with this hard earned energy reserve, we need to provide consistent, reliable and healthy energy. This means eating smaller more regular meals, providing the body with healthy fats, staying well hydrated, eating plenty of plant based fibre and reducing or indeed removing processed foods, extra salt, sugar and limiting alcohol consumption.

Most ‘lose belly fat diets’ are all focused upon the same thing (thankfully) and this is providing the body with foods that combine protein, fibre, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.  Processed foods, alcohol and sugar are all easily and rapidly digested. This is then converted into energy which is released quickly – far too quickly generally for the average person’s requirements.

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The result, our ever efficient bodies store this extra energy conveniently and protectively around our middles, and over time this can reach dangerous levels. Bloating and general lack of muscle tone can also add to a bigger belly look. Try adding some core strengthening exercises to your regular exercise routine and avoid salted or particularly gassy foods.

For a healthy flat belly, eat smaller more regular meals of primarily whole foods. Swap any white processed foods such as bread and pasta for ‘brown’ or wholegrain alternatives; not only will you feel fuller and eat less but will receive important extra dietary fibre.

Aim to consume a little more healthy fats in each meal. This can be as simple as butter instead of margarine and a dash of olive oil on your salad. Steer well clear of processed foods especially ones that contain added sugar or artificial sweeteners, limiting soda and alcohol intake.   

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