Liver Cleansing Diet Plan
Avoid Processed Food

While on the Liver Cleansing Diet Plan, the list of things to avoid is extensive. There are extreme versions available but in general you are asked to eat predominantly fruits and vegetables (organic preferably).  

About 40% of your diet will be raw vegetables and fruit, in particular dark green leafy and brightly coloured varieties. This is due to the high content of natural phytochemicals and antioxidants they contain.


·         Fresh orange juice with a fresh fruit salad

·         Wholegrain toast with cashew butter

·         Grilled mushrooms on sourdough toast with butter

·         Spinach and avocado on rye bread with sliced tomato and onion

·         Fresh oat muesli with banana and rice milk

·         Whole wheat biscuits with almond milk and honey

Always avoid processed, refined and sugary foods. No chips, cookies, cakes, donuts, candies, processed jellies and jams high in sugar, soft drinks, white bread. No deep fried fast food and takeaway food (no fish and chips!), white flour, white rice or sugar, especially artificial sugars.


·         Wholegrain salad sandwiches

·         Fresh bean salads with tomato and corn salsa

·         Steamed fish with a baby spinach, pear and walnut salad

·         Chicken and avocado salad with mungbeans and thinly sliced red onion

·         Roast sweet potato and pine nut salad with rocket, spinach, spring onion and cherry tomato

·         Tinned tuna wraps with alfalfa sprouts, lettuce, tomato and cucumber

Preserved meat such as ham, smoked meats, sausages, salami, corned beef, bacon and smoked foods including fish must also be avoided. In terms of drinks tea and coffee is restricted and alcohol is forbidden.

Water is essential and you should aim for between 8-12
glasses per day, filtered is best.

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·         Unlimited whole washed fruits, berries and vegetables

·         Moderate amounts of fresh nuts and seeds

·         Rye toast with avocado (no margarine)

·         Sprouted breads with nut spreads

·         Fresh fruit and vegetable juices

·         Whole cooked prawns with fresh lime

A liver cleansing diet is essentially a strict clean eating regime, however it makes more sense to sustain such clean eating practices on a regular basis as part of a healthy balanced diet rather than lean to extreme ‘detoxifying’ diets for short periods before resuming a ‘normal’ diet of harmful substances such as processed, refined, fatty and sugared foods.


·         Stir fried Asian vegetables with cashews

·         Wholegrain pasta with mushrooms, garlic, leek and roast pumpkin

·         Corn tortillas with grilled chicken and salad

·         Chickpea and vegetable curry with coconut milk and tofu

·         Grilled fish with fresh beetroot and mustard greens

·         Baked salmon with Fresh salad and grilled mushrooms

Take the time to examine your current diet and gradually swap or exchange any processed or refined foods with more natural fresh options. Think before you drink and care for your natural inbuilt detoxification systems.


Desserts on the liver cleansing diet plan should be limited to later when reintroducing processed 
foods – but very S.L.O.W.L.Y.

·         Honey and macadamia coconut ice-cream

·         Baked pears with dark chocolate mousse

·         Grilled bananas with homemade vanilla custard

·         Blueberries, strawberries and grapes in an orange glaze

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