An Ideal Protein Diet Plan
that is easy to implement

An ideal protein diet plan consists of lean, fresh and whole foods, and unless you are a serious bodybuilder or intend to get into marathon running your meal plan should reflect your personal tastes, cooking ability and lifestyle.


·         Scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and fresh parsley, cracked pepper and sea salt

·         Poached eggs on rye toast

·         Bacon, avocado and tomato stack with spinach

·         Baked beans with grilled tomato, mushroom and zucchini

·         Whole paw-paw or fruit salad

There are many Atkins approved or branded muesli and cereals available at most major supermarkets if you cannot do without a traditional cereal breakfast, also try a sprouted bread with some macadamia or cashew paste!


·         Grilled tuna steak with steamed asparagus

·         Lamb, mint and cucumber wrap

·         Peri peri chicken strips in a green salad

·         Coconut Dahl with lamb and green beans

·         Prawn and avocado wrap with snow peas, sprouts and mustard greens

Many salads can be premade and easily taken to work. Remember to watch your dressings though, you can use balsamic vinegar, lemon juice or try crushing a garlic clove in some olive oil with white wine and black pepper.


·         Devilled eggs with turmeric powder

·         Fresh ham rolled with carrot and celery sticks

·         Minced meat balls with rosemary and thyme

·         Half an avocado with light soya sauce

·         Oat brand and flax pikelets

Again there are many high protein snack bars and biscuits available in supermarkets for your convenience. Or you could always try baking your own - combine oats, wholemeal flour, pepitas, sunflower seeds, coconut, and raisins with heated honey, raw sugar and molasses, bake on a lined tray until golden and crunchy. 

Visit our protein diet plan page for a wider explanation.


·         Mini lamb cutlets with Greek yoghurt and steamed vegetables

·         Oven baked snapper with a four bean salad

·         Rosemary beef burgers with grilled capsicum and pumpkin

·         Baked fishcakes with fresh coriander and sweet chili served with a warm Thai salad

·         Bacon and chorizo frittata with a sweet potato base

Remember dining out need not be a stressful or awkward experience - tell your hosts of your dietary requirements or take a salad to share, sides often contain the most carbohydrates and fats. Also a night off from your eating plan every now and then won’t do you any harm. 


·         Orange yoghurt cake

·         Passionfruit cheesecake

·         Baked dark chocolate pannacotta

·         Chocolate coffee meringues

·         Lemon cheesecake

An ideal protein diet plan recommends at least four days a week of exercise, combine some strength training with cardio for the best results and find an activity that you really enjoy doing either alone, with friends or as a family.

The best exercise for weight loss is the one you
do regularly and with enthusiasm!

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