High Fibre Diet Menu
Brush Away the Bad Guys

A high fibre diet menu to get you on your way to a healthier you.


·         Whole grain cereal with banana and whole milk

·         Poached eggs on wholegrain toast

·         Baked sardines, egg, baby spinach and Dijon mustard

·         Fresh muesli with sunflower seeds, pepitas and shredded coconut

·         Scrambled eggs with parsley and cracked pepper on multigrain toast

·         Flaxseed pikelets with blackcurrant jam

·         Baked beans on wholegrain toast with fresh orange juice...pulp in!

Approximately 30 grams of fibre per day is recommended, most Australians however only eat around 20 grams per day. If your current diet is low in fibre increase fibre slowly to help avoid abdominal discomfort or wind.


·         Beetroot and couscous salad with grilled fish and fresh rocket

·         Mushroom and lentil burger with carrot, cheese and lettuce

·         Felafel and tabouli wraps with fresh tzatziki

·         Wholemeal sandwiches with alfalfa, smoked salmon, cottage cheese and avocado

·         Chicken enchiladas with red kidney beans

·         Brown fried rice in lettuce cups

·         Bacon, lettuce and tomato wraps

Commercial fibre supplements can add essential fibre to your diet but do not contain many beneficial nutrients traditionally gained by eating fresh whole foods.


·         Apple, bran and cinnamon muffins

·         Fresh almonds

·         Whole fruits including bananas, oranges, mandarins and pawpaw

·         Hummus dip with carrot sticks

·         Muesli bars

·         Anzac biscuits (or other oat based biscuits) 

·         Ryvita biscuits with cream cheese

Soluble fibre slows down the passage of food through the digestive system which can make people feel fuller for longer after eating, making it an often valuable weight loss tool. Insoluble dietary fibre also absorbs water so it is important to drink plenty of fluids.

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·         Grilled steak with barbecued honey chilli corn cobs and a green salad

·         Moroccan squid pizza with a bean and rocket side salad

·         Slow cooked beef and red lentil Dahl with string beans and potato

·         Chicken and mushroom fettuccini with garlic and zucchini

·         Beef tacos with chickpeas, lettuce, tomato and diced onion

·         Roast pumpkin soup with leek and garlic bread

·         Fresh coleslaw with cold king crab meat

Simply swapping heavily refined or traditionally ‘white’ breads, pastas and cereals for their healthier wholegrain counterparts can significantly increase dietary fibre intake. If juices are part of your daily routine consider swapping them for smoothies or ‘pulp-in’ varieties.


·         Apple & rhubarb crumble with oats and coconut

·         Blackberry, cherry and walnut bake

·         Banana bread with walnuts and sultanas made with wholegrain flour

·         Poached pears in a red wine sauce

·         Coconut and pineapple cake with cream cheese icing

·         Fresh apricot and custard Danish

·         Passionfruit, mango and lemon cheesecake

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