Detox Diet Plans
What to avoid

Although supposedly holistic in approach, detox diet plans are very restrictive and much thought needs to be given when undertaking such a course.  For example:

  • do you have health concerns and medication that you need to discuss with your doctor before embarking on a cleanse of this nature 
  • are you trying to eliminate as much stress from your life as possible 
  • are you getting enough exercise and sleep

Also sometimes referred to as a 'cleanse', this can help remove toxins that poison the body. The aim is to improve the functioning of the kidneys, the liver and the lymphatic system by eating ‘clean’ foods. So that means no added sugar and definitely no junk food!


1.        Nuts, seeds, grains etc (whole unprocessed foods)

2.        Organic produce

3.        A varied diet rich in fruits and vegetables

4.        Two litres of water daily

5.        Stress management and exercise

6.        Adequate sleep

7.        Herbs such as licorice root and psyllium seed etc can be used to facilitate the detoxifying process

What to avoid

1.        Refined and processed foods (white flour etc)

2.        Added sugars

3.        The usual suspects; tobacco, alcohol, caffeine and of course drugs

4.        Certain supplements (due to the amount of additives)

Potential Associated Risks

Undertaking such a course of action can have great results however many consider it to be nutritionally inadequate. Amidst all the controversies and risks involved, make sure that you consider any specific health issues  such as digestive disorder or heart problems.

Poor nutritional value could lead to muscle loss, fatigue and irritability which can be compounded by frequent bowel movements brought on by a cleanse.

Some believe the human body cleanses itself naturally through regular, balanced and healthy eating habits. However, many natural health practitioners also vouch for the fact that our bodies need a little help due to the toxic environment we live in.

All in all, please make sure you receive the right support and guidance before going ahead with a cleanse. Also, be very careful that you should not continue beyond the specified duration.

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