Bodybuilding Diets
Are a way of life

Bodybuilding Diets, shredding, cutting, bulking and dirty bulking? What does it all mean?

The landscape of the Australian physique and fitness world is definitely changing. If Jane Fonda’s aerobic videos and leg warmers were icons of the 80’s then ‘Cross Fit ‘and ripped muscles are the shimmering baby oiled face of the 2000-2010s.

But it’s not all sweat, mirrors and exercise. Search for information on bodybuilding and you will quickly become overwhelmed with the sheer amount of nutrition, diet and supplement information available – and the passion of those involved.

The foundation and logic behind this way of life is primarily to help you build muscle mass, lose excess body fat, and maintain a healthy weight. At its core, bodybuilding diets are high in protein and fibre and low in carbohydrates and fat, but if you’re thinking protein in terms of a few extra eggs and bacon at breakfast then think again.

You will learn a lot about protein supplements and the importance of amino acid availability or ‘muscle feeding’. Calories are generally carefully counted and there is a definite science surrounding the topic of proteins and carbohydrates.

There are roughly 5 main principles that all bodybuilding diets follow including:

  • Eating more frequently; generally 6 times a day. These multiple small meals are intended to stimulate the production of new muscle, keep your blood sugar levels under control and your metabolism steady.
  • Limiting processed foods - except for protein powders, supplements and glycogen containing drinks - bodybuilders are apparently wholefood purists at heart.
  • Maintaining great hydration, primarily with water and calorie free drinks.
  • Eating lean protein throughout the day, otherwise known as a protein infusion! This is said to release fat burning hormones too and limiting carbohydrates to low GI foods, primarily soluble fibre containing plant products.

Check out our Bodybuilders Diet Plan.

There appears to be specific guidelines for every different ‘phase’ - bulking, cutting or sculpting - and for every different body type - Ectomorph, Mesomorph or Endomorph. The further you delve into this sweaty world the more scientific and precise it becomes.

Eating Clean is the Name of this Game

Whether you are looking to count your protein in grams according to the ratio your body weight requires or just want to tone up and lose excess weight a bodybuilders diet can offer a substantial foundation upon which to build your individual nutritional and exercise plan.

Remember moderation is the key. Keep things realistic, manageable and enjoyable and you are not only more likely to stick to a diet but will stand a better chance of reaching and maintaining your goals!

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