Atkins Diet Menu
Is it a free-for-all?

As part of our Atkins diet menu review we will not only discuss the diet itself but also discover its origins. After almost four decades it is still the topic of much discussion, the majority of which is quite controversial.

Modified several times over the years, there is no discounting the fact that this diet brings out the passion in people, whether they are for or against this weight loss system.

This somewhat complex and certainly unconventional eating plan was developed in the early 70’s by Dr Robert Atkins, an American cardiologist who was alarmed at what he was viewing as an obesity epidemic. 

The diet was developed with the fundamental basis being to remove processed simple carbohydrates in the form of white flour and sugar completely from the diet.  In addition it was designed to moderate ‘good’ carbohydrate consumption, relying upon lean proteins and ‘good’ fats to serve as the bodies’ primary energy source.

*Our Atkins Diet menu review is just that, a summary of the basics behind this ever popular diet. We advise you seek medical advice before commencing any diet program

Lose weight and gain muscle, sounds a bit too good to be true, especially when your diet consists of foods you may have spent the last few decades avoiding, such as:

  • butter, cream, cheese
  • meat - bacon
  • seafood
  • eggs
  • olives, olive oil
  • avocados, greens, and non-starchy vegetables make up the majority of your daily meals

Proteins (amino acids) are viewed as the building blocks of life and the concept of so called low fat products containing too many calories to be of any weight loss benefit is certainly not without merit.

The Atkins diet menu does not specifically count calories but nor is it the greasy protein ‘all you can eat’ bacon buffet many make it out to be, fresh whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, seeds and nuts are encouraged, but restricted.

By avoiding simple and excess carbohydrates the body has limited access to ‘easy energy’ meaning it must take time to digest complex carbs, proteins and fats to burn for fuel. This also has the added benefit of regulating insulin production, stabilizing blood sugar levels and limiting fat storage, beneficial for both health, weight loss and the appetite.

The Atkins diet is big business and it’s not just books; shakes, protein bars, desserts and a whole freezer and pantry load of complete meals are available. But there is a reason this business is a successful one, the core principals of the diet are actually nutritionally sound, physiologically sustainable and importantly, it works.

Many health concerns such as the limited fiber and nutrient content and the cardiovascular repercussions of a high fat intake have been categorically addressed and as such there is a process of continual evolution of the diet.

There are five primary nutrition principals at its core:

  1. eat foods high in protein
  2. eat plenty of fiber containing foods
  3. select foods to maximize your intake of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients
  4. avoid high sugar intake by emphasizing foods like vegetables, fruits and whole grains that have a low glycemic impact and
  5. avoid trans fats

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Traditionally viewed as an extreme fad diet, the Atkins ideology on closer examination is actually quite lifestyle orientated, with attention paid to developing and maintaining a healthy balanced diet and exercise program, albeit a little unconventional, but honestly conventional eating seems to be doing little good to our collective waistlines.

Like anything, take it to extremes and problems will arise.  Despite general misconceptions this science is solid.  Approach it intelligently with moderation and common sense, selecting the right food choices as with any healthy diet.  Care should be taken to consult your health care professional before commencing any major dietary changes, especially if suffering from any existing medical conditions.

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