Tried all the diet plans known
to man only to fail?

Spent a fortune on diet plans that didn’t work? Were you left hungry and miserable? Me too. My name is Sharron and I have answered a very loud 'YES' to all of the above; and I assume you have too or you wouldn't be here.

Out of sheer frustration and necessity, I developed my own weight loss program to answer the problems outlined above and because like countless other women - and men - I have weight issues.  

It seemed to me everywhere I looked I was blasted with a new weight loss program. Some never-before-seen, new fancy gimmick or newly discovered "secret" found deep in the heart of the Amazon that is 100% certain to have the fat dripping off you like a snow cone melting in Phoenix.

Yeah Right!

Seen it, heard it, tried it, don’t want to do it again!  Well to be fair I haven’t tried all the different weight loss programs - I don’t know if that’s possible - although I am sure some of you have given it your best shot.  To be honest some of them did work for me... for a time.  And some worked well... again, for a time.

Here’s the problem and I suspect it is the same for many of you...


It has to have a few basic elements going for it to be successful long-term or you just won’t be able to maintain the weight loss, if any.  They are:

Easy diet plans

If the diet plan is too hard you’ll throw in the towel sooner or later.  The old adage ‘no pain no gain’ doesn’t apply here.  Who has the time, energy or desire right?  Eventually good old ‘self-sabotage’ will eventually rear its ugly head.


There are a lot of people out their making a tonne of money off of our desperation.  Okay there are those who can afford it, I'm not one of them – but even if you can afford it, why pay hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars to do it.  It’s simply not necessary.


It has to suit your lifestyle.  For example there are loads of 'diet cleansing' programs out there but the side effects simply do not fit my lifestyle.  Who wants to go about their day with a toilet strapped to their bum.  Not me that’s for sure.

Diet plans that work

They have to work – and fast!!  In the past experts have always advised not to lose weight too fast, i.e., health dangers, excess skin etc.  But new studies have shown that perhaps it is better to lose weight fast because you would be more inclined to continue and ultimately, losing weight and the health benefits outweigh the negative effects.  We should always seek medical advice before beginning any new weight loss regime.

Another important consideration when selecting your next weight loss challenge - time.  This probably fits under the first point of simplicity. Personally I don’t want to spend hours filling Tupperware containers full of precooked meals only to have to do it all again and prepare separate family meals.  Or spend hours and hours juicing fruit and veggies.  Don’t get me wrong, I happen to love juicing but it is very time consuming and can be very expensive for many of us.

That is why I decided to rethink my approach.  Surely I could come up with something better.  So back in November I decided to do just that.  Something affordable, simple and nothing too time consuming.  I came up with a customized diet plan just for me.

I looked back at past weight loss efforts that I did have some success with, including exercise. These included:

  • Weight Watchers
  • Atkins Diet – and other similar forms
  • Counting calories
  • HCG Drops
  • Juicing
  • Home-delivered low calorie meals
  • Exercise
  • Shakes – a variety of different programmes
  • Fasting
  • Morning Banana diet
  • Perricone Promise
  • The Gabriel Method

and many more diet plans in between...

I picked elements from each diet plan that worked well for me and tried to forget the ones that didn't.  And then a week before the holidays I decided to begin – usually not a good time to start a weight loss regime – and within three weeks I had lost 8 kilos.  By the fifth week I had lost 15 kilos.  I was wrapt and the beauty of it was, it was practically effortless.  And I mean that from the bottom of my heart.  No deprivation, no hunger, fast, effective, simple – and cheap. 

The only problem I did have was the excess skin left over from such fast weight loss.  Yuk!  At 44 my bits and pieces just didn’t bounce back the same as they used to.  I decided to introduce some exercise – again I chose something I knew I would have a chance of sticking with.  Something enjoyable for me, something quick and something relatively easy.  Something that suited me - but more on that later.

Then I thought this would be a great idea for a website and wallah MixIt Diet Plans was born.  Why not share what I had learned – that you don’t have to stick to one weight loss system – you can mix and match.  What has worked for you in the past?  What elements can you combine that will see you losing weight effortlessly and won’t hurt your pocket? 

My goal is to build a site explaining all the diet plans that I know of so you can try them out or compare what you have had success with, and combine your own elements to work for you.  That is the key, combining the right elements that not only work, but that work well together.  Ah ha!  Light bulb moment.

Eventually I want this to be a place to share our weight loss experiences, inspire one another and learn together.

Also I will be adding some videos as soon as I get over my camera shyness – truly, it is an issue for me but proof is in the pudding right?  Want to know what elements I used?  Well you’ll have to wait for that one!

So bookmark this page now because I promise you, it will be worth your while – simple, effective and easy on the pocket too.

Bye for now...

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